What do you appreciate most about Virtual Necropolis?

Charity contributions (56 %)

Chance to give respect (33 %)

Informative service (11 %)

What does offer me?


As a registered user, you can carry out the following at 

  1. Establish a new virtual grave for a deceased family member, friend or other close one, and thus become the administrator of their virtual grave; send out emails with a link to the established virtual grave and anniversaries related to the deceased to other friends and relatives; administrate a photo gallery regarding the deceased; monitor activities surrounding the established virtual grave, etc.

  2. Honour the memory of the deceased by lighting virtual candles or placing another virtual object (as offered by by the virtual gravestone, writing a message to go with the virtual candle or object, writing in the virtual visitors’ book, etc.

  3. Contribute to charity by lighting a virtual candle or laying another virtual object by the virtual gravestone (see the heading on Charity)  

  4. Browse through and visit existing virtual graves, contribute to discussions and polls, participate in various events held at

What is the character of the graves, gravestones, candles, objects and other items offered at

As the name implies, these are virtual objects and items displayed electronically over the World Wide Web. Outside of explicitly stated exceptions, users purchase only virtual services through; these are not purchases and deliveries of physical goods. The user is not purchasing a real candle, but a virtual candle that they, in accordance with the selection on offer, place by a selected virtual gravestone for a pre-defined period.


Is it necessary to register in order to use services? 

Yes, in order to be able to use all of the services rendered by, you must be a registered user.


How do I establish a new grave?

First the user must be successfully registered. Then, in the User Profile window, the user will find the link “Establish grave”. After clicking on the link, the user will be redirected to an interactive form that will guide the user through the entire process for establishing a grave.


Can several graves for the same deceased person be established? 

Yes. does not restrict its users in this regard, but it does recommend that users consider whether it is appropriate to establish another gravestone for the same deceased person.


How much does it cost to establish a grave?

If you use one of the basic gravestone designs offered by the system, establishing the grave is free of charge. If you would like to use one of the exclusive gravestone designs, this service is paid. Prices for exclusive gravestones are listed in the catalogue – see Catalogue.


It is possible to have design a gravestone based on my own requirements?

Yes, it is. Given that it is difficult to guess individual users’ preferences, it is impossible to provide a firm price for an individually designed gravestone. Generally speaking, an individual gravestone designed according to a “standard gravestone from the People section offered by the system” can be purchased for around € 300 and up. If you are interested, please contact our sales department – email.


Are there other paid services at the site?

Yes. Other paid services include increasing the space for saving photographs in the photo gallery of the deceased, designing a customised gravestone and more. A price list of all services which are not subject to separate calculation can be found in the catalogue – see Catalogue.


How much do candles, flowers and other objects which I can place by the gravestone cost?

The specific price is set with regard to the requested duration of the object – a basic candle which burns for three weeks, for example, costs CZK 30. Specific prices for individual objects can be found in our catalogue – see Catalogue.


Which methods can I use to pay for the services rendered?

To make payment, users can use GoPay, a payment system through which they can pay using credit or debit cards, via bank transfer, by sending a text message, paying from their GoPay wallet, etc. GoPay is operated by an external subject, a company outside of therefore does not require any information from its users regarding their card numbers, personal bank account numbers or other similar data.


Note 1:

Payment via text message (SMS) currently only functions for users from the Czech Republic.


Note 2:

The payment methods offered may differ according to the respective section of