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Since time immemorial, graves have served as memorial sites for honouring those closest to us. Here, too, you have the option to create such a site, wherever you are. At the most difficult of times, when a family member, close friend or the person nearest and dearest to you passes away, the pain is often shared with friends and relatives. We are offering you the opportunity to create a common space for remembrance. A place where you can light a candle, lay flowers or just share unforgettable experiences with friends. Now you are no longer restricted by distance or other factors.

hrob Gustav
G. Wolf
hrob Therezia
T. Wolfová
hrob Alois
A. Wolf
hrob Johann
J. Wolf
hrob Iva
I. Wolfová
hrob Mirečka
M. Trnková
hrob Pierre
P. Brice
hrob Michaela
M. Prášilová
hrob Jaroslava
J. Šilhavá
hrob František
F. Šilhavý
hrob Jaroslav
J. Zuzaňák
hrob Růžena
R. Zuzaňáková
hrob Miroslav
M. Špaček
hrob Martin
M. Pamětnický
hrob Vlasta
V. Fialková
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