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Charity contributions (56 %)

Chance to give respect (33 %)

Informative service (11 %)


Just like in the real world, memorials here serve to honour renowned and admired public figures or to remember the victims of accidents or natural disasters. For this purpose we offer you the opportunity to create a memorial from one of the models on offer or have a unique piece designed for you. It all depends on what you want and your taste. Other visitors may then pay their respects by placing a memorial item on the gravestone or writing a message into the visitors’ book. If you do not want to forget this sorrowful event, you can set up a reminder on the anniversary. We will email the reminder to you. Memorials are also exceptional in that each time you place an object on the memorial, you make a contribution to charity (for more information see the Charity section).

hrob Mirečka
M. Trnková
hrob VERA
V. DlouHa
hrob Vladimír
V. Čech
hrob Martin
M. Bechyně
hrob Jindřich
J. Mašata
hrob Jiřina
J. Jirásková
hrob Ladislav
L. Smoljak
hrob Daniel
D. Bernkopf
hrob jiri jitka
J. Vojtech
hrob Petr
P. Beer
hrob Václav
V. Havel
hrob Newton
hrob Kenneth
K. Kendall
hrob Maurice
M. Herzog
hrob Eddie
E. Burns
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