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      Conditions of Use  

  1. is a service provided via the Internet.

  2. The operator of is REXIDEA, s.r.o.

  3. The operator of is not liable for the data, visual material or other information entered into the system by the user, with the exception of the protection of personal data.

  4. The operator of is not liable for the activities of service users or for the method in which they use services. The administrator bears no responsibility for any abuse of services by the user or third parties.

  5. The operator of bears no responsibility for damage that would arise to the user or third parties directly, indirectly or coincidentally as a result of or in association with the use of services. It is not liable for damage that would arise to the user or third parties as a result of the inability to use services or in direct or indirect association with this fact.

  6. The operator of is authorised to modify or innovate services without the consent of the users and without previously informing the users.

  7. A user is each person who has registered at

  8. The user’s agreement with these Conditions is an integral part of user registration at By agreeing with the Conditions, the user states that s/he has familiarised him/herself with the Conditions and accepts all of its provisions.

  9. Upon registration, the user is required to complete a registration form. The information stated by the user in the registration form must be truthful and current. Thereafter the user continues to be obligated to keep the registration information in their profile truthful and current. The operator of bears no responsibility for damage that would arise to the user or third parties directly, indirectly or coincidentally as a result of or in association with the breach of these obligations. All legal, financial and other impacts resulting from the provision of untruthful or outdated information will be transferred to the user.

  10. With the exception of cases explicitly specified in these Conditions, the user may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, licence, transfer or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from or create derivative works from this site. The user is not authorised to use services for any purpose that would be in violation of the laws in force in the Czech Republic or in violation of these Conditions. The user may not use services in a manner that may damage, disable, overburden or impair the function of or interfere with other parties’ use of this site or Server services. The user may in no way obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information related to the services of which are not / have not been made accessible to the public or provided via the servers operated by REXIDEA, s.r.o.

  11. The user recognises that s/he is liable for the data, visual material and other information they enter into the system.

  12. The user recognises and agrees that all of their financial obligations towards are due within 14 days of the date the obligations are created.

  13. When using the services of, the user undertakes to uphold all generally valid rules of ethics, to express respect and reverence for the deceased and the bereaved, and avoid any sort of expression of animosity, intolerance, promotion of violence, racism, copyright violation and other similar activities. If it is found that a user has violated this obligation, the user’s registration will be subsequently cancelled and any and all legal impacts will be transferred to the user.

  14. If, while using the services of, the user finds the obligations resulting from these Conditions are being violated by another user, s/he is obliged to report this fact to the administrators or to the email address

  15. The users provide all personal data, visual material and any other information voluntarily and with their explicit consent.

  16. By registering at, the user provides their voluntary consent with processing their personal data in the spirit of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., as amended. The provision of this consent is a condition for registering and using services. If the user withdraws this consent, after providing advance warning, the operator of is authorised to cancel the user’s account.

  17. All data are electronically processed and archived, with the exception of cases stipulated in the Czech legal code.

  18. Users’ personal data are gathered only to meet legal requirements stemming from the Czech legal code and to improve the quality of services rendered.

  19. If a user wants their personal data to be completely removed from the database, they must send a request to delete their personal data to The personal data as well as the user account will be removed from the database without undue delay. The user will then be able to use the services offered only after submitting a new registration.

  20. The user recognises and agrees that the registration data entered by them may be used to improve user convenience, such as to offer services rendered by other websites operated by REXIDEA, s.r.o.

  21. After registering, the user will be automatically included in the user database. The user hereby gives their explicit consent that commercial / informational emails may be sent to him/her. Each commercial / informational email will also contain brief instructions to unsubscribe from similar emails. If the user decides to unsubscribe from commercial / informational emails, the mailings will be blocked without undue delay. Unsubscribing to these emails has no impact on the user’s registration. The user can reactivate subscriptions to commercial / informational emails at any time in the Profile menu.

  22. The operator of is authorised to monitor the information from individual users’ service profiles for statistical purposes. The operator is authorised to inform partner services about statistical data regarding users of services. The operator is authorised to publish this information solely under the condition that the information will not contain any data based on which the user could be identified or contacted without his/her previous request. The user of services explicitly consents to this.

  23. Selected services are rendered for a consideration. The price list of bulk services rendered can be found in the book located next to the gravestone, under the “Add object” tab. Requests for individualised services are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

  24. The provision of services regards the provision of electronic services in accordance with the Czech legal code, outside of exceptions explicitly stated herein.

  25. Payments for rendered services may be made solely via the methods the service offers to the user.

  26. Paid services are rendered only after they have been paid / credited to the account of

  27. Paid services will be rendered in accordance with the relevant provisions in Act No. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, as amended, for long-distance contracts. Therefore the user may not reject and may not request a refund on a service rendered, i.e. a service that has already started to be performed.

  28. The user recognises and explicitly consents that all tax documents (receipts) for rendered performance associated with the use of services, will be sent to him/her electronically.

  29. The operator of is authorised to change the provisions of these Conditions at any time. The change to the Conditions is valid and effective at the moment it is published on These changes will be incorporated into the text and published in the form of the full wording of the Conditions. It is in the user’s interest to regularly monitor the wording of the Conditions.

  30. The user is obliged to regularly familiarise themselves with changes to the Conditions. If the user continues to use the services of after these changes are carried out by the Operator of, it is deemed that the user agrees with the changes to the Conditions without reservation.

  31. Users can send all comments, questions, suggestions and complaints regarding services or these Conditions by using the service contained in the Contact menu.

  32. These Conditions enter into force and become effective upon publication.