What do you appreciate most about Virtual Necropolis?

Charity contributions (56 %)

Chance to give respect (33 %)

Informative service (11 %)



The basic principle behind our charitable activities is to connect honouring the memories of those who have died with assisting the living who need help, especially children.

Each year many accidents, natural disasters and other events take place around the world that result in death. In addition, renowned and admired public figures die each year. We highly respect all of you who honour the memories of well-known public figures and disaster victims by lighting a candle or placing a memorial object at the site of the disaster or the celebrity’s former home, and we are offering you our vision.

Our vision is based on a comparison of the following options:

  1. If you purchase a standard “real” candle at a store and light it to honour the memory of the deceased, on your part you are expressing deep, compassionate respect for the deceased, but as a by-product you are generating revenues and profits for the candle maker who often does not share their profits… 

  2. If you light a candle or place any object at a gravestone in the Memorials section at, again on your part you are expressing deep, compassionate respect for the deceased, but in addition, a certain part of the amount you spend will be credited to an account which will be used to make donations to foundations, charities and similar organisations or directly to people in need.

We have deep respect for all those who act according to option A, but we believe that option B is meaningful and will also find understanding among you.


You are certainly asking yourself what “a certain part of the amount you spend will be credited to an account…” means. To put it simply, the amount you contribute to charity depends on the amount you spend and the payment method you choose, but the minimum value is 44% of the amount you spend. Unfortunately, payment through your mobile phone is not permitted in this section of the virtual cemetery due to the high fees charged by mobile phone operators in the Czech Republic.


Why only 44%? This is truly the minimum and is based on the lowest possible price of an object, CZK 30. This amount already contains VAT, which in accordance with Czech law is 20%. In addition, transaction fees charged by the payment transfer institution also have a strong impact on the amount. Generally speaking, from CZK 50 and up, over 52% of the amount you spend goes to charity. By negotiating with banks and other institutions we are working to cut all of the related fees so as to increase the value of your contribution to charity. The amount you contribute to charity is impacted by Czech tax laws and the method you choose to pay for the object with which you would like to honour the memory of the deceased. For your information we would like to add that the amount that the operator of will deduct no more than CZK 2 from your payment solely to pay for overhead and operational costs.


And which projects will we donate to?

At present we are developing a partnership with the Running With Those That Can’t, which is focused on educating and actively involving people in order to integrate physically handicapped people into everyday life. The highlight of the organisation’s activities is its participation and cooperation with the Prague International Marathon. The funds obtained are used to purchase special wheelchairs that handicapped children are pushed on during the Prague half-marathon. At the end of the race, the wheelchairs are donated to the children’s families, thus providing the children and their families with the chance to feel free and have improved mobility.